No Trickin' | Havik The Gauwd Robbins lets her know "She Got It" on her own

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Some women want all the money, some need all the attention, and some have no material values with all the morals of a Goddess. Colton recording artist Havik The Gauwd Robbins highlights the success of women who have achieved the ultimate wealth, self-worth, in his new single "She Got It."

The single produced by Amo beats amassed 10,000+ streams in the first weeks of its release. Mixed & mastered by L.A.rry L.A.vell of GQP , the record depicts a modern woman who knows her worth from the inside, out. Though it may seem The Gauwd gives a one-sided description, the lyrics describe a connection he could not possibly have with another woman solely based off her silhouette.

Listen to the track below, what do you think? head over to @htgrobbins on Instagram to let him know how you feel!

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