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COVID Shores | San Diego's BiggOne Biggum making waves on "Imperial Beach"

Operation COVID has definitely made it very difficult to do all sorts of things, including making money, and visiting Southern California beaches. The independent music industry is been affected massively, and we are proud of Rare Kind Music's BiggOne Biggum for staying steadfast on the course of leading his label to a platinum plaque!

Hailing from the beaches of Sunny San Diego, California, BiggOne Biggum, began his mainstream career in 2012 after inking a deal with independent label, Rare Kind Music. CEO JF Million Air has believed in Biggum from the start, and after the internet success of "5 South Highway" Rare Kind kicked the campaign into high gear.

BiggOne Biggum has been doing all the right things. Releasing singles on time, with heavy promotion, doing shows, and most of all, his interaction with the fans. After releasing the visual for the single "Never Losing" earlier this year, he explains how important the feedback from the public was to him and his deal at his label.

"Responding to the people after they take time to email you, or comment on your social media is very important," says the career recording artist, father and husband. "Its very valuable as an independent to know we have their attention, they just don't interact with us like they interact with the celebrities. When they do, it is priceless and imminent that i let them know we at Rare Kind appreciate their support!"

In his latest audio story, BiggOne gives us some history on the sunny and gloomy side of the infamous Imperial Beach. Using an uncanny, laid back and unbothered flow plus assistance from Million Air & HighFiive, Biggum brings us another Rare Kind classic. You can listen to the track, which dropped May 7th, 2020, below.

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