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CO-VID Drip | Young Keefa reveals Designer & Rose 2

As we have seen in the year 2020, resilience amongst the struggle is at an all time high, and recording artist Young Keefa is no different the leaders of the pack.

In 2019, the popular Keefa spearheaded his independent grind with his single "Margiela Trappin," which accumulated 110,000 of the 200,000+ streams the EP gained in total. This accomplishment made this Young Keefa's most popular project to date.

Amongst COVID, the Poten$y Music team to prepare the well deserved release of the Designer & Rose Sequel. Keefa enlisted the help L.A.rry L.A.vell of GQP Records for the production of the project. The project was recorded during a lockout, right before COVID at NoLabel Studios, one of the most popular recording studios in the city of Las Vegas. "Special thanks to Rhaburn & the NoLabel team for hosting my project with great hospitality, and state-of-the-art equipment."

Designer & Rose 2 was released September 4th, 2020, feat. "Ganja & Rose", "Cheddar" & "Make It". Support by purchasing or streaming on your favorite platform! Follow Young Keefa

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