Moonwalk On It | Jojo The Gamegod hits the MJ "Extras" in his latest single

Updated: Jan 5

"Trap out the lexus, movin the block like Tetris. Work came from Texas, super clean i could stretch it" is how GAMEGOD recording artist Jojo The Gamegod decides to open his latest record. Produced by Bankroll Fresh's main producer Fresh Jones, Gamegod depicts a story on how he took his hustle and made it flip more times than realistically possible.

"We been in the studio workin everyday. No breaks over here. All Gas," says VERSACE JO himself. "If we don't keep workin, what product we gonna have when we hit the jackpot?"

GAMEGOD selected L.A.rry L.A.vell of GQP to achieve the industry standard quality sound behind the production. The record is available on all streaming platforms. You can watch the video via VEVO below and give us your thoughts!

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