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Its "Now or Never" | Jojo The Gamegod Bets It All On New Project

2021 was a tough but prosperous year for newly incorporated Gamegod Music Group. While amassing over 200,000 sales & streams on the imprints first official project, "Who Woulda Thought", Savannah born CEO & Recording Artist Jojo The Gamegod was involved in legal trouble while promoting the release of the project.

Rumor is, The Gamegod was targeted by the west coast division of the Hip-Hop Police, when he was scheduled to perform at the infamous El Toque del Sabor in Las Vegas, NV. The show was heavy promoted on social media and drew what was considered "abnormal" attention, due to the instant popularity and buzz surrounding the artist and debut project.

"I think they couldn't fathom that he was that popular, just off of music," says a fan who attended the show that night in September 2021. "I mean, he was the headliner. I recognized him with Parlay P on a popular radio show. There was a crowd of people inside and out and i had only known about his music for maybe a month at that point. I was sad when they announced he would not be in attendance."

Jojo The Gamegod w/ Asa & Shake at the Cannabis Awards

Amongst the chaos, Jojo The Gamegod kept his CEO hat on straight, and begin putting together one of the most pivotal projects of his career. He enlisted the team #1 charting producer Rob Savage and celebrity audio engineer L.A.rry L.A.vell for the production of his latest release, "Now or Never". It features lead single "Fed Up", a record dedicated to rehabilitating felons who were just released from long prison sentences.

"Over a decade in prison was the worst time of my life'," The Gamegod CEO told us at TeamGQP. "I am happy to be free and able to do legitimate business. I know my music will reach others with similar situations. Hopefully it has a positive impact."

Purchase the album via iTunes or Amazon. If this is your first ime doing a digital purchase, email us, or dm us on your favorite social outlet, so one of our representatives can walk you through the process! Your favorite streaming services are also available. Click Play above, and like this blog below if you enjoyed it!


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