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Supply The Streets | 808 Presley drops off "The Dime Bag Tape" during COVID-19

Waianae native recording artist 808 Presley hasn't let the shutdown stop his operation or the momentum of his movement. Working hard in the paint, he delivers us the greatest holdover during a lock down we could ask for, The Dime Bag.

The EP features production from producers DJ AO, Zerati, 84music1 and L.A.rry L.A.vell. The ultimate surprise on The Dime Bag was the feature from Colton, CA recording artist Havik The Gauwd Robbins, who drops a cold, but intensely truthful hook on the song!

Debuting onto the mainstream platforms was not an easy task for the West HI. Music CEO:

"I didn't know how to get the single out legally. I was at a roadblock when i got No Rollie mix and mastered," said the Hawaii Boy native. "I was like great, i found a great engineer who believes in me, but how do i release it?" Little did he know, his engineer, L.A.rry L.A.vell had the ultimate solution to his problem. "Lets setup your record label bro, its time." said the infamous music mogul.

West HI. Music & BossTeam Records was formed, and its debut single featured "No Rollie" which accumulated 10,000 streams in its debut week. Be sure to check out the The Dime Bag Tape, featuring the lead singles, "Thirsty" & "Hawaii Boy". You can also follow 808 Presley and let him know you support, or don't support his campaign!

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