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Female recording artist wearing luxury brands.
Amica Mea in high fashion including Coach

The rap industry has taken a turn since the ladies have stepped up and shown that they can be as lyrical, or catchy as the men who supposedly run the charts today. While most of the female rappers and recording artists have taken explicit routes in their content, a good 70% do not live that lifestyle that they portray. The rap and hip-hop community is about being authentic in your stories, and thats what sets Amica-Mea apart from the rest of the competition.

Female reocrding artist photos
Amica Mea - Photoshoot

Born Hanniyah Singleton in May of 1996, the self-proclaimed "Entertaining F*k Doll" began her professional career at the age of 16. Citing influences from Salt & Peppa, Eve & Janet Jackson, she participated in all high school events surrounding the arts. After a ten year hiatus, Amica would return to the major scene with her first official release on all platforms, "Tighten Up" on November 18th, 2022. Her follow up release, "Bucked Up" features Hypnotized Mind's pioneer recording artist La Chat, and is her most popular record to date. This sparked recording artist C Bella's interest and the collaborations "Trap God" & "Get Back" were created.

Her success motivated her family to support her artistry, acquiring management & a marketing department for the FAM U label imprint. Their latest project, "Wet Print", released on May 20th, 2021, and features production from Don Dajoola. The lead single, "Toxic" is a sexually explicit shakedown by the Empress herself, giving a fair warning to anyone who chooses to interact with the Entertaining F*k Doll. Taking over the airwaves in the mid west, there have also been hearings of the record breaking clubs in Sin City. Watch the official music and support the project by purchasing and streaming on your favorite platforms.



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