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Artist in studio
B YUNGN at undisclosed location in Las Vegas, NV

The state of hip-hop has been under fire lately due to the lacking of a billboard charting record for the year 2023, but that makes way and notice for the independent artists that have been grinding to have their message heard. B YUNGN "formally known as B YOUNGAN" is hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana to bring us a fresh perspective through his sonic abilities. With the Support of his hometown and a new emerging fanbase in Las Vegas, he is sure to set the bar for the upcoming 2024 year.

Black man standing
B YUNGN after video shoot in undisclosed location

His debut release "Eternal Hatred", features popular records such as "Not Okay", "Love On Me" and more depicting an inner battle while teaching himself how to love himself for who he is. From a brief listen of the project, you can tell a lot of B YUNGN's comrades turned their back on him in his time of need. "From just a thought turnt to a way of life," says the gifted MC. The latest single "Loyalty," under the re-branded B YUNGN moniker, was released on November 28th, 2023, and is available on all streaming platforms. the record explains how YUNGN puts his faith in people to action, but in return they do not hear his words or outcries. Be sure to listen to the song below.


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