Inglewood's @thereallowblow1 has DJs scratching vintage vinyl w/ challenge

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

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Summer 2018, and the independent artists in the heart of California have been burning up the streets just like the temperature outside! Take @thereallowblow for example. He just released his new single "Can't Wait" feat. @Damani_Nkosi & @Big_Tree via @CommonGoodRecords, and its got a few DJs picking up the vinyls and putting some vintage flavor on it! With is soulful production from @lukeellingtonpro, this dynamic group of talent is sure making waves all the way to Virginia. It is also the official 1st single of "The 1st Book of Timothy" which is due for release Sept. 14th. Check out the #LowBlowChallenge below, and comment who you feel did the best DJing on the single!

Which one is your favorite #lowblowchallenge? Comment below & be sure to tweet @thereallowblow1

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