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Champion Artist | Inglewood Pizzle, the best "Player In The Game" shows us why he earned the status

We are no strangers to the independent companies and artists making a staple in the music industry, and Blackwood Music Group's Inglewood Pizzle has achieved many accolades in the past decade. From being featured on major media outlets like OkayPlayer, DubCNN and a live, headlining performance at Payday LA, Pizzle has shown and proved why he is respected in the City of Champions and globally.

In his latest project release with Elevated 1 Network, "Player In The Game," Pizzle describes the record as "slick lyricism displaying the confidence and swag of a veteran MC in the music industry." Featuring exclusive production from Sejoh Frogi (@sejohfrogi) & engineer powerhouse Jet Blast Music (@jetblastmusic), this ode to hip-hop is sure to give you a vintage head-nod. You can check out the visual below. Don't forget to purchase or stream the record on your favorite platform!

After hearing the record at the headquarters, we at TeamGQP definitely feels like we are players in the game! You love hip-hop, so holla at Inglewood Pizzle and let him know this is your new favorite!

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