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BIG STEPPIN | San Bernardino's KayyVoee changes direction after prison sentence

KayyVoee doing photoshoot in San Bernadino, CA
Recording Artist KayyVoee

TeamGQP is connected people from different backgrounds from all over the world. We understand that living life, especially in this new age of hip-hop & technology, that we can become a target of circumstance. Celebrity recording artist KayyVoee is a prime example of a target who did not let his circumstance keep him from success.


KayyVoee at an undisclosed studio.
KayyVoee - Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth Allen De Voe, better known as KayyVoee, released his first official record in 2018 entitled "Wiin". It was received with his hometown with open arms as the community related to the importance of the 3 letter word. Quickly garnishing the attention of surrounding cities like Rialto, Colton, & Riverside, KayyVoee followed up with the release of of street anthem, "Lane Swiitch".


KayyVoee at a TruCarr appearance in Southern California
KayyVoee in motion - Los Angeles, CA

He begin to release various projects via his imprint "Kreative Tattoos", including "Fades", "Something Different", "In My Section" and more. In 2020, KayyVoee was arrested and convicted in California of a charge related to an unlicensed weapon. He was release early 2023, and just completed his parole term in July.

"Being in prison showed me thats not a place i need or want to be," said the "Gun Em Down" lyricist. "I had folks already telling me to slow down and focus on the music. I am glad those same folks are in my corner and understand that i am ready to take the next step in my recording artist career."


On June 19th, 2023, KayyVoee released his latest single, "Steppin" produced by west coast hitmaker Jonny Cash. It is available on all platforms, but you can preview it via Spotify below:


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