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Virginia's @Versive gives insight to "On Site"

Versive Manhattan is well known and respected in his origin of Portsmouth, VA, w/ credits such as 3D Natee, Stuss, Briefcase Barz, Chuck Digga, Propz + more (including himself). He decided he needed to make the professional move to the city of Los Angeles, CA to pursue his professional career. Starting from scratched, he dropped 3 singles via his Eye Fly Alone imprint self- produced, receiving great constructive criticism on "On Site" in particular. You can listen to the track below:

The crew at @TeamGQP was able to catch up to the super producer in-between his studio schedule to get a couple quotes about his popular party anthem "On Site" in our GQP: Trapped Out @Spotify playlist. Thanks to L.A.rry L.A.vell, we were able to get an exclusive in-person interview. Check it out and support by downloading or streaming below:

Thanks for the exclusive @VersiVe! "On Site", "Green Lean", & "Lingo" available on all digital platforms everywhere!

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