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Sativa Sean & Gettin Quik Paper, Incorporated embark on $100,000+ label start up

Las Vegas's Sativa Sean Smith (@702SativaSean) & Inglewood's L.A.rry L.A.vell (@LArryLAvell) reach a formal agreement to form the Luxury Cannabis Lifestyle record label, Sativa Sean Recordings.

On Monday, the respectable CEO(s) ink a deal worth about $175,000, naming L.A.rry the active President of the newly birth Sativa Sean Recordings. He will be overseeing the creative direction of the label, production, distribution & marketing of the record label. "I Definitely have been looking for a way to come into the music business, and meeting L.A.rry was great timing in a long coming plan," said Smith. "His track record in the industry, and the ability to show me what he is doing with who he is working with at the moment is amazing. I believe he can bring our joint vision to life, he just does it."

"Gettin Quik Paper actually responded to a private listing and acquired the social media management contract for Sativa Sean & #SkipCoachella. Smith & I met, and i showed what i was doing on the musical side of the entertainment spectrum. He was impressed with the knowledge i possessed and discussed further expansion after Cannabis Atlantis. One week later, he came back with shares, a check, & a trademark for Sativa Sean Recordings, and now we are here." - L.A.rry L.A.vell

L.A.vell also acquired and official sponsorship from Sativa Sean as apart of the joint venture. He will also be headlining, along with Colton's Havik The Gauwd Robbins on the soon-to-be legendary Poseidon's Throne. You can purchase tickets for #SkipCoachella: Cannabis Atlantis, who are in partner with The Love In & Infinite Vision Productions.

Check out our Official spotify playlist below, curated by @TeamGQP, & @702SativaSean! #SkipCoachellawith us this year for Cannabis Atlantis!

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