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Recording Artist Mr. M.O.B sets record with debut "She Drippin' Pt.2"

2019 has been a breakout year for the independent recording artist. As they discover the ease and simplicity of setting up their record label, more artists are taking a chance on their stock and rolling out the right way. Compton Recording Artist Mr. M.O.B is no different, as he released his first official single "She Drippin' Pt. 2", on all major platforms April 25th of this year.

In just under 3 months from its official release, "She Drippin' Pt. 2" has accumulated over 10,000 plus sales and streams, despite the lack of major label backing. The song has been added to numerous playlists on spotify, apple music and more popular platforms, creating buzz in the US and around the world. You can listen and support the single below. With the help of @606gbeats, Mr. M.O.B continues forward representing the west coast in full fashion.

"Ive only been really rapping like a year, so the recent success wasn't easy to process all at once," says the Compton Recording Artist. "Shoutout to Havik The Gauwd Robbins & L.A.rry L.A.vell, they are independent as well, and had no problem guiding me in the proper direction."

Please continue the support of independent artist by listening to their song(s), even on youtube, as it supports their dreams, passions, and most of all, their family, and sharing your thoughts (if you have any).

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