In-Sync & Sync Up | Fishal Simms brings the world his debut EP

The music industry is seeing its fair share of successful new record labels and artists at a great pace, and The Official Family Conglomerate is no different.

Fishal Simms, born Benjamin Simmons in Pomona, CA, brought us his debut single "Studio" back in August of 2021. He summoned infamous Mogul L.A.rry L.A.vell of Inglewood in order to track and polish the record. It was well received amongst his fanbase and helped him become a "hometown hero" in his community.

"Make the world your STUDIO. You have to work all the time, but can't be in the studio 24/7 yet."

- Fishal Simms

Support this independent artist on your favorite platform, let us know how you like the project!

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