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GOLDEN CHILD | LickMunnah Pluto returns from "Out The Cutt" for a second time

Hailing straight from the streets of Chicago, IL, LickMunnah Pluto has been pushing the line in the entertainment industry for a few years now. Prior to his 2021 official debut "TT House" Pluto began honing his skills around the fellow LickMunnah Gang which includes Shootah & Trell.

After moving to Las Vegas, NV, Pluto decided it was time for the world to receive his first message. He debuted his first full length projected "Welcome to Pluto" on July 7th, 2021 via the LickMunna imprint. It did not receive the initial success anticipated, but it has since gained notoriety after contracting Potency Music Entertainment for the marketing roll out. It has gained over 10,000 streams in the last six months across the globe.

Since the drop of "18" his official single of 2022, LickMunna has released more records and collaborated with fellow label mates LickMunna Trell & LickMunna Shootah. Porjects include "2019", "Feelin Like Yak", "Angels" & "Hold On".

Pluto & Shootah returned on September 18th, 2022 with "Out The Cutt PT. 2 (GOLDEN CHILD), a continuation of the first version released 12 months prior. Some things are not to be televised, and LickMunna Pluto give us his story 100% unfiltered. Make sure your purchase and stream the record below.

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