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Break The Bank | Prince Mula drops new album "Splitta Check Wit Ghana"

San Jose, CA recording artist Prince Mula, is back life he never left to bring us his latest masterpiece. "Splitta Check Wit Ghana", which debuted April 6th 2020, features heavy hitters like Mykko Montana, super producers Ghana1k, L.A.rry L.A.vell & much more.

The lead single, "Top Golf", debuted with 20,000 plus streams on spotify alone in its 1st week, making it one of Mula's best debuts of his record career.

After a short hiatus and some record label disputes, Prince Mula formed Mula World Entertainment, and partnered with NoLabel Studios for the production, mastering administration duties for the project.

"Working with Ghana1k in the lab to form this project was purely inspirational vibes. Can't forget L.A.vell for he drip the sauce on it." Says the San Jo native. "The life put into this project was amazing, special thanks to Rhaburn & B100 of NoLabel for making this possible."

Other singles include "Fishtail", "Tuscany" & R&B favorite, "Deep End". You can support the album on your favorite streaming platform, purchase from your favorite music store below:

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