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Alternative Duo DarienMae display "Feelings" unseen or heard of

Electronic Pop Duo, DarienMae, hailing from the Pacific Northwest, has been on a roll since the visual for their single "Feelings" caught wildfire.

But before "Feelings" there was the popular horror themed track entitled "Wolves". This song only racked 1,000 views on youtube, but this is our personal favorite here at @TeamGQP. Check out the unofficial video, and support the single below.

The duos music video for the single "Feelings" racked up an impressive 13,000 views, via an organic Facebook promotional campaign and some dedicated footwork from the team members themselves. Check out the official music video for the track below.

In a more recent release. DarienMae releases a new single with Katlynn w/ A K, entitled follow me. Please continue the support of indie artist by purchasing and or streaming your favorite music from their catalog.

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